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Not the memories I have

I remember wasting hours on my old Casio calculator playing this game and I was hoping this app would racapture the experience, but this version is a poor copy. There must be a more slower progression through the levels and this version speeds up ridiculously after a couple of levels. Try Numeraders for a more accurate simulation of the original game.

Really poor app

This is a half hearted reproduction that seems to mimic the original in the screenshots but once u played its nothing like the real thing. Buggy too, the "n" comes even when not adding to 10. Youd think a simple game like this can be written easily. I wish I saw the other review before wasting $1.


This is such an awesome app! Worth a lot more than $0.99; its priceless!


Its only good for a calc and everyone has that already

This app is horrible!

The only reason I have it is because I accidentally clicked buy! This app is horrible! All you do is try to match up numbers.

Not as good as...

Numeraders is far, far more faithful to the original game. This could have been good, but appears to have been created without researching the original. Look at Numeraders - its got the frantic gameplay and correct spawning of the n, whereas this seems to throw it out randomly.

Game always crashes after first round:(

No matter what you do, an underscore will show up in the first round and freeze the game up

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